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Below you can find out about me and how Nightsabre Groenendaels started

About Natasja Lewis dipCABT

Our family's first dog joined us when I was a young lass, my mum and dad rescued a male German Wired Haired Pointer called Castor. Now you have to understand that I was still very young and although willing to take Castor for walks I was only allowed to walk him round te garden. I remember that Castor was taller than me at this stage! I guess that is probably where my love of dogs and animals started.

Many years passed and I left home and got married when I was 21. My husband knowing how much I love animals gave me a Shetland Sheepdog for our first anniversary. Dali was the dog that introduced me to the world of dog training and through him I started on the road to become a dog trainer, behavourist and now dog show judge. Dali was one of those special once in a lifetime dogs and I still miss him dearly. I think my husband would say that Dali has a lot to answer for!

Our first Groenendeal joined us on the 17th February 2004.Shadow came from the Jetaime kennels in Dorking, UK. Shadow "Jetaime Esprit de la Dance" was born on Christmas day 2003.Shadow was all we could wish for in a Groenendael and she holds a very special place in our hearts.

In October 2007 "Luna" Jetaime Elegance de Luna joined us and she became our foundation bitch. Luna did very well in the show ring gaining Best of Breed at Crufts 2009 and 2010! Luna is the mother of our Moon and Moon Lakes litter. From the first of these litters we kept Seina, Nightsabre Io for Seina.

Why Nightsabre?

When Shadow was about 2 years old I decided that I would like to breed a litter with her as she has such a wonderful temperament and joy for life. I decided that if I was going to breed a litter I would need am Affix of my own. After much consideration I came up with a shortlist of a few Affixes, "Darkside" and "Nightsabre" were my two favourites.

Both the names "Darkside" and "Nightsabre" have a base in Science Fiction and Fantasy, which is my favourite genre of books. I have always liked the Star Wars Trilogy and both options have came from this trilogy. As Groenendaels are black "lightsabre" didn't seem appropriate. hence "Nightsabre". So "Nightsabre" is actually a play on word to "Lightsabre".

How I became a Dog Trainer

I started out with Dali, my sheltie, taking him to our local dog training club where I very quickly became involved in running the club by joining the committee. Before long I was asked if I was interested in becoming one of their dog trainers. In 1995 I started training dogs, firstly spending a year assisting the existing trainers, in the puppy and beginners classes.

Since then I have chosen to specialise in puppy training using gentle hands off reward based training techniques. Over the years I have gained valuable experience by attending various training courses, demonstrations and work shops on dog training. Competing in the fields of obedience, agility and breed showing, has given me the expertise to advise you on many aspects of dog training.

I constantly strive to improve my knowledge and have completed the COAPE Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training and have also completed the COAPE Think Dog! course, written by the late, great John Fisher. In addition I also hold a Puppy Instructors Certificate from COAPE. It is my aim to continually improve my knowledge base which will allow me to offer the latest training techniques and to keep up to date with the latest developments in Canine Behaviour and Training.

Please see the Dog Training page for details of the dog training services that are on offer by following the link at the top of this page.